Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Integrated Mental Health Care: A Diistrict Level Situation Analysis from Five Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Describes a systematic baseline situation analysis in five study sites, including country-specific and cross-country factors relevant to development and implementation of a district-level mental health care plan. The authors analyze of common issues faced by the differently resourced sites in order to highlight the challenges and opportunities for integrating mental health into primary care across multiple settings.

Full reference: Hanlon, C., Luitel, N. P., Kathree, T., Murhar, V., Shrivasta, S., Medhin, G., ... & Jordans, M. (2014). Challenges and opportunities for implementing integrated mental health care: A district level situation analysis from five low-and middle-income countries. PloS one, 9(2), e88437.

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