Developing Innovative Method and Implementation

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Developing Innovative Method and Implementation


I would like to ask some advice from the community, as I am sure most of you went through this process already.

Since last year I am working on a research and developing an innovative method 'Felt Therapy' to provide psychosocial support for traumized adolescents and women through the ancient craft of feltmaking, using wool as a therapeutic medium. I am a Social Worker (MA) by profession, and I also managed to find a Fiber Artist, Health Psychologist to join to this project.

We came to the point where we would like to start to implement it and looking for partner organizations and fundings. As I developed this method mainly to work with people from different cultural, religious background, also speaking a variety of languages, I would like to focus on victims of human trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers in the first round. We are based in the UK, however, we would like to expand the research and our work towards East Europe and Asia, as feltmaking is originated from that part of the world, and it we could implement it as a culture sensitive and cross-cultural therapy.

We reached a point, where we would really need funds to continue the research, as there is a cost of implementation. We are in the process to establish a charity to be able to apply for funds for conducting Felt Therapy in partnership with other NGOs, but I am wondering if you think there would be any possibility to apply fund for the research itself. We would like to establish an evidence-based therapy and methodology to share it with other professionals in future.

You can see more in our website:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Bernadett Fekete


Hi I am Ann Magati and I am a

Hi I am Ann Magati and I am a psychology (MA)the project is a good idea and you would actually get funding thou it will help more if you have already started with the project yourself ,get more information on how the human trafficking happens and how the refugees live in reality but doing videos and all so that when your present this project to any organization or individual for funding they can actually see you have done something and this is how far you have gone and the reality of things .funding will come more through this