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Youth Mental Health Chat

As an outcome of our 12 August International Youth Day Webinar, we decided to create a space for webinar attendees - and non-attendees alike! - to continue the discussion of youth mental health-related topics. Please feel free to use this thread, or create new ones, to ask questions and connect with like-minded stakeholders around the world.

Note that MHIN Africa is developing an Africa-focused forum - head there if your questions and knowledge pertain specifically to African youth.

Youth Engagement Network

Hi everyone from last week's webinar!

Sorry for taking so long to post on here after my comments last week. I would be really interested in developing a network where people working in youth engagement, especially as it relates to mental health and aboriginal youth, have the opportunity to share resources and best practices on a regular basis. I've done some initial networking around this, and would love to have those of you who are interested join me in further conversations about how this could work. 


If you are interested, please feel free to reach out at: 


Looking forward to hearing from you!