International participant requested for the Health Standards Organisation

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International participant requested for the Health Standards Organisation

Dear Colleagues

The Health Standards Organization (HSO) is the recently established arm of Accreditation Canada, which develops the evidence based standards against which health organizations are assessed during Accreditation Canada Surveys. The vast majority of health care organizations across Canada participate in the Accreditation Canada Process, as do organizations in a number of countries internationally. Global Partners are in Canada, Europe, Brazil and the Netherlands.

HSO is hoping to attract an international participant to join the newly developed mental health and addictions technical committee, the details of which are below and at at the link provided ( Would you be able to quickly identify potential candidates from academia or the private sector with subject matter expertise and share this information with them? Candidates should declare their interest as soon as possible since orientation sessions (via webinar) will take place at the end of July.  

Brief description of the Mental Health and Addictions standards, the areas of expertise needed, and the technical committee roles and responsibilities.

Overview of the Mental Health and Addictions Standards:

Health Standards Organization’s Mental Health and Addictions Technical Committee develops standards and assesses leading practices related to acute care mental health services, community-based mental health services and addictions (substance use and problem gambling). This includes but is not limited to promotion and education, early intervention services, crisis intervention, counselling and therapy, treatment, peer/self-help programs, diversion and court support, and social rehabilitation/recreation. Mental health services are provided in the client’s preferred environment whenever possible and safe, and could include a clinic, community agency, hospital, individual’s or family’s home, school or workplace. 

The standards under revision this year are the following:

  • Mental Health (Acute Care)
  • Community-Based Mental Health Services and Supports
  • Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling
  • Aboriginal Substance Abuse

Technical Committee Composition:

Our technical committees are comprised of 4 stakeholder groups which include patients and families with lived experience, front-line professionals such as clinicians who interact daily with patients, policy makers or regional health authorities and general interest (academia, private sector). 

HSO needs:

We are currently recruiting for the general interest category (academia, private sector with subject matter expertise). We would like to recruit candidates having expertise in either of these areas:

  • anti-stigma 
  • recovery-oriented practice
  • Trauma-informed care
  • identification and management of concurrent addiction and mental health issues (better integration of services)
  • child and youth mental health (issues highlighted: avoid reaching crisis situations through earlier identification and access to care, maintaining quality of mental health care from infant to child and youth, and from child and youth to adult mental health)

Technical Committee Responsibilities and Time Commitments:

With regards to the time commitment, the technical committees will be standing and the length of term for members will be 2 years. The time commitment for members will be approximately 7-10 hours per month which is prep work (includes reading material, voting and processing feedback from the voting process).

 While this standard is active (July 2017-June 2018), the member would be expected to do the following:

  • Attend 2 orientation sessions to be scheduled at the beginning of August. These will be conducted via web conferencing. The first orientation is general and introduces the member to HSO, the second is standard-specific.
  • Attend 1 face-to-face meeting in Ottawa on October 5, 2017 and the costs of travel, accommodation, and meals in Ottawa will be covered by HSO.  Economy airfare to Ottawa will be covered.
  • Attend 2-3 subsequent meetings which will also be scheduled via web conferencing/teleconference. These meetings are likely to happen between October – December 2017 and April to June 2018.

Our standards are consensus-based, which means that decisions related to the standard are arrived at through consensus. Consensus is achieved using a Modified Delphi approach where members cast a series of votes. This process allows us not only to get through material more efficiently, but also ensures that members around the table have an equal voice in the development process.

When the standard is inactive (not undergoing revision), members will be expected to meet via web conferencing or teleconferencing twice annually to discuss emerging trends in the field, review leading practice applications relevant to the standard, and help get endorsements for the standard, and identify potential new standards and sponsorships.

For those interested, we would like to invite you for a brief discussion over the phone or Skype and ask if you could possibly send your CV as well.  Please contact or 1-800-814-7769 ext. 242.

Sabrina Pillay / Program Manager, Standards
Health Standards Organization (HSO)
613-738-3800 x 242 / 800-814-7769 / @AccredCanada


(as received from the IIMHL and IIDL Update List)