Request for applications for freelance consultant researcher in the area of Community Mental Health

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Request for applications for freelance consultant researcher in the area of Community Mental Health

CRPD reporting in psychosocial disability

Background and rationale:

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has proven to be a foundational document in reinforcing the rights of persons with disabilities, including persons with psychosocial disabilities. It has been very widely ratified, which has important practical ramifications due to the strong accountability mechanisms for countries who have done so. Built into this process is a means of persons with disabilities and other stakeholders to contribute to 2-yearly national reports that track progress with national CRPD compliance. However, it is recognised that Disabled Persons’ Organisations are generally weak for people with psychosocial disabilities in many poorer countries, their capacity may be weak, and are not well represented in national disability federations. In 2014, the CBM Community Mental Health Technical Unit (Julian Eaton) and CBM Australia (coordinated by Aleisha Carrol) started a project to evaluate how well the psychosocial disability/mental health sections of country reports were being written by national stakeholders. Detailed work has been carried out on coding protocols, and a first review of the CRPD Reports carried out. A second reviewer is now needed, and for the work to be written up and prepared for publication

Overall objective:

To complete and publish research related to CRPD reports

Specific objectives:

1. Carry out the second review of CRPD reports using established coding protocol
2. Complete analysis and finalise results
3. Contribute to writing of paper for publication


1. Completed second review and analysis of CRPD reports.
2. Completed paper for publication
3. Prepare presentation of results for CBM partners and for CBM webinar

Time line (period)

December 2017 – March 2018

The consultant reports to:

Julian Eaton, Senior Mental Health Advisor, CBM

Profession and qualifications:

Global Mental Health researcher
Masters level or above


Upon invoice to be delivered latest two weeks after completion of all deliverables of the consultancy.


Please contact Julian Eaton ( with an expression of interest, description of experience and skills to carry out the consultancy, and attached CV. Please state your expected daily rate of pay for this work.

Closing date for applications; November 15th 2017