Request for applications for freelance consultant researcher in the area of Community Mental Health

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Request for applications for freelance consultant researcher in the area of Community Mental Health

Health Management Information Systems model project, Benue State, Nigeria

Background and rationale:

CBM ( has been working with the Methodist Church Nigeria for the last 6 years in a project in Benue State to integrate mental health into the Primary Care System in the State. This has now grown to cover almost every Local Government Area in the State, and is probably the largest community mental health programme in the country. Using a health systems approach, it is important to consider integration of mental health into the generic health information system for a number of reasons. In addition to providing vital information to the national health information system about an important service component, is allows recognition of mental health as an integral part of the system, and provides information to supports decisions related to procurement and logistics, for example of medication of human resources. A significant amount of work has been done to develop a feasible, acceptable and good quality system for the Benue State project. This represents an opportunity to share these lessons learnt in this process, both for CBM projects elsewhere, and for other organisations including government systems.

Overall objective:

To complete and publish research related to health information systems in Benue State

Specific objectives:

1. Complete documentation of Benue State programme; its background, development, and models of working
2. Collate data from health management information system in Benue State
3. Lead writing of paper for publication


1. Completed paper for publication submitted to reputable journal
2. Prepare presentation of results for CBM partners and for CBM webinar

Time line (period)

November 2017 – March 2018

The consultant reports to:

Julian Eaton, Senior Mental Health Advisor, CBM

Profession and qualification:

Global Mental Health researcher
Masters level or above

Duration (Number of days)



Upon invoice to be delivered latest two weeks after completion of all deliverables of the consultancy.


Please contact Julian Eaton ( with an expression of interest, description of experience and skills to carry out the consultancy, and attached CV. Please state your expected daily rate of pay for this work.

Closing date; November 15th 2017