To nurture hope, cultivate well-being, and promote development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art and through advocacy for art in education.


Cultivate Well-being through the Arts

  • To heal trauma
  • To provide age-appropriate mediums for emotional expression
  • To build motivation, self-efficacy and self esteem

Promote Development through the Arts

  • To reduce delinquency in at-risk youth
  • To enhance youth’s ability to work with others and communicate ideas
  • To develop more talents in children
  • To engage all cognitive and mental processes
  • To promote civic engagement
Summary of relevant work: 

Our projects train groups of 30 to 40 conflict-affected youth over a period of 3-4 months during which they learn new skills in painting and drawing, participate in activities designed to encourage reflection and emotional expression, build knowledge around important issues in the community, and engage in relationship-building activities.

The projects culminate in the collaborative creation of public murals to portray community-based solutions to local concerns using positive imagery. All projects receive regular input from local leaders who form a community arts council.

Colors of Connection has completed seven projects located in refugee camps and post-war areas in Sub-Saharan Africa directly benefiting 205 young people, and reaching an estimated 100,000 residents through a public mural-making process. Our projects have addressed the important issues of sexual violence, health protection, peaceful cohabitation between ethnic groups, education for girls, and human rights.

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