A community of mental health innovators - researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, service user advocates, and donors from around the world - sharing innovative resources and ideas to promote mental health and improve the lives of people with mental, neurological and substance use disorders.


MHIN considers a mental health innovation to be a new or different, successful and cost effective way of delivering better mental health care in any part of the world.

Special Initiative for Mental Health Map

The Special Initiative for Mental Health:

Multi-stakeholder endorsement of the systems-strengthening transformational implementation over 5-years in 12 countries. WHOs Special Initiative for Mental Health is underway in nine countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Ghana, Jordan, Nepal, Paraguay, the Philippines, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

PIH Cross Site Mental Health Meeting Sept 29 2016

Partners In Health, Cross-Site Mental Health Learning Collaborative (MHLC)

The Cross-Site Mental Health Learning Collaborative (MHLC) is a trans-national consultation model which supports the development of highly innovative and sustainable mental health services as well as system strengthening efforts across Partners in Health programs in Haiti, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Peru, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.