Get involved

Get involved

MHIN aims to create a space for you to engage with and learn from other members. MHIN will be a platform for Members of MHIN who want to learn from the practical experience of others or want to be connected to each other and have ready access to Knowledge and solutions. Additionally a set of knowledge exchange instruments and activities will be delivered through MHIN to share, replicate, and scale up mental health innovations that work. There are many ways to get involved with MHIN and contribute your skills, share your interests and join key debates:

1. Become a member

Registration is free and simple. Just sign up, create a short profile for yourself and start to use the website.

2.Share a project innovation

MHIN is interested in showcasing a wide range of innovative projects working on any aspect of global mental health. Find out more about the process of submitting your project for inclusion in the Innovation area of the site.

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3.Create an organization profile

Even if you do not have a specific innovation to share, you can still develop an organization profile to showcase the work that your organization is doing in the field of mental health or a related area. Visit the organization page to see what’s being highlighted.

4.Share your resources

One of MHIN's main objectives is to help members learn from each other. New resources are constantly being added to the site. If your project has resources, such as screening tools, training manuals and survey instruments that you think would be useful to others in the field, submit them for consideration using our online form. Read more about how resources are contributed and selected for inclusion on the site.

5.Contribute to your community

You can find out more about the different types of content offered by the Community area here. If you are interested in writing a blog, contributing a podcast, hosting a webinar, tell us more about your idea.

6.Take part in Ask the Expert sessions and webinars

Ask the Expert sessions and webinars will be organized regularly with experts in global mental health and other relevant fields. Members are invited to submit questions and take part in the conversation. You can see past webinars here.

7.Sign up to receive the MHIN newsletter

Subscribe to the MHIN newsletter to receive a monthly update on everything MHIN.

8. Provide feedback and tell MHIN your ideas

Do you have something to say? MHIN is always looking for constructive feedback and ideas, as well as new ways to develop the network and feedback on the site. Tell the team about the issues and topics that really matter to you, so that the site can stay up to date.

9. Build awareness

Everyone in the global mental health community should have the opportunity to join MHIN and benefit from the resources developed by the network. Why not tell your colleagues about us or link up with us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn?

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