How MHIN works / what we do

How MHIN works / what we do

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The Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN) is an online community for mental health practitioners, policy-makers, service users, researchers, donors and other mental health stakeholders to share information and resources to improve the quality and coverage of mental health care worldwide. Visitors to the site sign up to become MHIN members and contribute actively to the site.

A small team of MHIN staff help to curate what is shared on the site and promote key resources and information through social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The MHIN team and collaborators also produce original MHIN resources in response to member needs.


How does MHIN organize site content?

There are three key areas of the MHIN website, each housing specific resource types. Each area is independently searchable, and in addition, a powerful search function allows MHIN members to find relevant resources from across the site. The three areas are:

drawing of a girl watering a flower
  • Innovations: these include a summary and detail on innovations in mental health from across the globe, as well as downloadable resources generated by these innovations including publications, implementation guidance and manuals and multimedia resources.

  • Resources: The resource area of the site includes key published research, toolkits, guidelines, systematic reviews and reports.  

  • Community: The community area houses resources generated by MHIN's team and members, including podcasts, webinars, Member profiles, Organizational profiles and blog posts.


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MHIN role in the global mental health landscape

Our themes for our future direction are:

1. Knowledge translation - Synthesize and make good research evidence available in understandable formats, build capacity of innovators, develop and host resources that support our members.

2. Helping innovators be seen and communicate their innovation well. We recognize and value locally derived knowledge both for its proper use in its current setting and potentially enlightening people in the field more broadly.

3. Decentralisation and localisation - promote greater local autonomy and the ability to both recognize and support local innovation more easily through strengthening regional hubs, translation and improving accessibility of knowledge and networking.


MHIN Themes