Hello from MHIN Africa!

As the ambassadors of MHIN Africa, we are pleased and proud to introduce - and start generating buzz on - our burgeoning organisation, MHIN Africa, set to launch later this year. 

MHIN Africa will be a regionally-focused network, operating within thMHIN Global site, that will address the needs of African mental health stakeholders through a dedicated online space to highlight and exchange ideas and research findings.

In 2015, various mental health care stakeholders made a commitment to develop MHIN regional networks to better support mental health innovators across the world. MHIN Africa is the first such networking effort to come to fruition. 

The idea is that by providing a regional focus, MHIN Africa can better publicize, disseminate, and highlight the successful implementation and scale up of mental health programmes and innovations to research, policy, and practice across Africa.

Imagine the MHIN mandate - but distilled to address the most pressing needs of African stakeholders!

“As the pace of progress in global mental health picks up, we now have a platform to harness the expertise of actors in Africa so that we can work together and ensure that people on the continent have a choice of quality services and ability to access their rights”

Julian Eaton, Global Mental Health Advisor, CBM International and LSHTM

MHIN Africa is currently being jointly coordinated by MHIN Global and the Alan J. Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health (CPMH) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. This South African effort was made possible by an NIMH grant to AFFIRM at the CPMH.

MHIN Africa will be introduced for the first time by MHIN/WHO's Dr Fahmy Hanna at the upcoming ODI mental health funding and the SDGs report launch. The launch will take place at King’s College in Sierra Leone on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.


Connect with us

To get involved or stay up to date as we get ready to launch, you can connect with us via several channels:


For more information, visit the Mental Health Innovation Network Africa profile.





















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