#GMHTopFive: Twitter accounts to follow for #globalmentalhealth updates

As a newcomer to global mental health, following my #GMHTopFive has allowed me to dive into the ever-growing expanse of mental health research, innovations, and initiatives to improve access to mental healthcare services occurring across the world.

I’ve relied on these Twitter accounts to jumpstart my exploration of #globalmentalhealth and grow my knowledge of the field.

Who do you follow for #globalmentalhealth updates? Tweet your #GMHTopFive or write in the comments below to highlight the work of sensational #GMH practitioners.

Shekar Saxena


Dr Saxena, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, @WHO, tweets on all things #globalmentalhealth. Follow @ssaxenageneva for a range of updates on the state of mental health across the globe, as well as live tweeting of various #mentalhealth events, often focused on increasing access to mental health services.

Pamela Collins


Dr Collins, Director of @NIMHgov, tweets on #mentalhealth, with a focus on mental health in the United States, especially among American minority communities. Follow @PCollins_gmh for live tweeting of various #globalmentalhealth events and conferences, ranging from international development to neuroscience.

Florence Baingana


Dr Baingana, psychiatrist and Technical Officer for Psychological Support at WHO Sierra Leone, tweets on a variety of #globalmentahealth topics.  Follow @FloBaing for tweets on mental health policy and planning, as well as live tweets from key #mentalhealth conferences.

Ananda Galappatti


Mr Galappatti, medical anthropologist and co-founder of MHPSS.net, tweets on mental health and psychosocial support (#MHPSS), with a focus on Sri Lanka. Follow@agalappatti for updates on psychosocial support, especially as applied in humanitarian settings.

Soumitra Pathare


Dr Pathare, consultant psychiatrist and coordinator with the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, tweets primarily on mental health policy and human rights, with a focus on India. Follow @netshrink for tweets on mental health law and the rights of individuals living with mental disorders.

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