Ember presents: Bitesize interviews spotlighting local action for global impact in mental health

The theme of World Mental Health Day this year is making mental health for all a global priority.

World Mental Health Day helps us take stock of the bigger picture - to celebrate all the gains made in the mission to destigmatise the topic of mental health and improve access to services; to highlight how far there is still to go; and to mobilise the energy and resources needed to keep moving forward. But that big picture is always made up of infinite small ones.

Global change comes from countless local actions.

Local and community-based organisations and activists around the world are a driving force in that mission.

In this bitesize interview series, Ember Mental Health speaks to 6 people working at the frontlines of mental health care, activism and advocacy in Kenya to learn about their experiences of working to make mental health for all a priority in their communities.



Msafiri Albert, Music and Minds: "Witnessing The Healing Journey"

Check out the latest Music & Minds gathering.


Yvonne Gache, Green String Network: "A Systemic Approach to Mental Health"

Learn more about the work of the Green String Network.


Emmanuel Brian, The Stronger Project: "The Weight Of Advocacy"

Read the latest edition of The Stronger Project's magazine.


Lucy Karambu, Resilient Woman: "Faith & Mental Health"

Learn more about the work of Resilient Woman, and donate to their latest initiative.


Ivy Murugi: "Building Resilience"

Learn more about the Healing Invisible Wounds project.


Pascal Omondi, Afrikala Arts: "The Ripple Effect"

Ember Mental Health is an initiative created by the SHM Foundation and MHIN to support and fund excellent community-based mental health initiatives in low-resource settings.

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