Climate Change and Mental Health series "Keeping our Planet in Mind"

The Webinar series on Climate Change and Mental Health "Keeping our Planet in Mind" are hosted jointly by the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health and the Centre for Global Mental Health at LSHTM.
The 1st webinar aims to provide an overview of the evidence and current frameworks on climate change and mental health. It will take place on 30 March 2022, 10.30 AM - 12 PM UK / BST
This session will be chaired by Ritsuko Kakuma, Centre for Global Mental Health, LSHTM, and we have an exciting line of speakers:
  • Fiona Charlson, Queensland Centre of Mental Health Research and School of Public Health, University of Queensland 
  • Emma Lawrance, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London 
  • Alessandro Massazza, Department of Health Services Research and Policy, LSHTM
  • Garret Barnwell, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg 
  • Jennifer Uchendu, SustyVibes, Lagos, Nigeria

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