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This is a collection of blogs which includes news reports and stories from our MHIN Africa community members. The blog posts are distributed by MHIN Africa through our social media platforms, some of our partners (with written consent from the contributors) as well as the newsletter.


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Appel à histoires

Nous aimerions entendre vos histoires liées à la prestation de soutien en santé mentale pendant la pandémie du COVID-19.

MANI Virtual Conference 2018

The Largest Virtual Mental Health Summit In Africa - 1-30 October 2018.

More Powerful Together

Celebrating the new MHIN Africa collaboration platform.

Dealing With Suicide Ideation

A personal story by Oluwanisola Olotu.

Suicide: devastating, common and preventable

And what we can do to reduce it.

Maternal Depression and Stunted Children

"An Avoidable Reality" as told by Patricio Marquez.

Mind and Heart

A blog on addressing psychosocial needs for sexual violence survivors.

Courage in Congo

This blog focuses on a community-based arts project working with adolescent girls.

Mental Health Integration Toolkit

A showcase of how the toolkit can be used.

#WorldRefugeeDay 2018

Top 10 resources committed to providing MH and psychosocial support to refugees.

#MentalHealthAwareness Month: Egypt

The last Q&A blog in the series directed at Kate Ellis.

#MentalHealthAwareness Month: Africa

The first Q&A blog in the series directed at Woye Fadahunsi.

Call for Global Mental Health at Harvard

Opportunity for students and early-career mental health professionals.

Personal Growth: Lessons Learned

Global MINDS Fellowship Program Fellows share their experiences.

Leaving No One Behind – 5th Global MH Summit

The Summit was held in Jo'burg, South Africa in 2018.

The voice of the affected

Messages contributing to the setting of the future MH research priorities.

Mental Health Impact

Impact of mental health & psychosocial programmes in humanitarian emergencies.

A dream come true

A testimony from an "epileptic".

Community-based psychosocial interventions

Can community-based psychosocial interventions help people with schizophrenia?

Participatory Arts: Mothers Make Art

Mothers making art to heal minor mental health trauma.

Recognizing humanitarian stress and trauma

Consulting psychologist, Kelly O’Donnell, shares his experience.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health literacy innovations for teachers and students across the globe.


Reflections from Cape Town.

World Mental Health Day 2017

Let’s talk Workplace Mental Health.

Dreams do come true

What inspired Dr Syed Bushra Imtiyaz to pursue a career in psychiatry.

First 100 Days of Life

A discussion about the ACF International Conference On Child Health And Development.

#WorldHumanitarianDay 2017

Resource round-up showing #MHPSSMatters.

Moving from theory to understanding

A discussion on violence against children in humanitarian settings.

CBM UK and BasicNeeds UK join forces!

Promoting mental health in the world’s poorest places.

MHIN at the WHO

Substance use disorders and how they matter to GMH (Pt 2).

MHIN at the WHO

Drugs, brains, and how they matter to GMH.

Get PsyndUp

A Nigerian online platform to help Nigerians gain access to mental health professionals.

#studyGMH: Capacity building

Preparing newcomers for the Global Mental Health field.

#studyGMH: Mutual learning

Mutual learning and 'reverse innovation': learning that flows both ways.

Healthcare Information for All Conference

Looking back on World Health Day 2017.

#MHPSSMatters for #OurSharedFuture

Grace Ryan shares how MHPSS.Net and MHIN are working together to promote World Refugee Day.

Mental health in the media

How media portrayal of MH can lead to harmful effects for patients.

Five on Friday

Molly, my alma mater and ending the war on drugs.

Mental health, stigma, and Neglected Tropical Diseases

CBM/MHIN's Julian Eaton explains the connection between NTDs, stigma, and mental health.

Using short films to create awareness

Two short films creating awareness and promoting help-seeking.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Rwanda

Inspiring African innovations: Inshuti Mu Buzima, Rwanda.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Nigeria

Inspiring African innovations: Mental Health Scale Up Nigeria (mhSUN).

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Nigeria

Inspiring African innovations: Aro Primary Care Mental Health Programme, Nigeria.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Sierra Leone

Inspiring African innovations: Mental Health Coalition, Sierra Leone.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - South Africa

Inspiring African innovations: PRIME South Africa.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Rwanda

Inspiring African innovations: Intervention Addressing Perinatal Depression in Rwanda.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Uganda

Inspiring African innovations: StrongMinds, Uganda.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Ethiopia

Inspiring African innovations: The Biaber Project, Ethiopia.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - South Africa

Inspiring African Innovations: Khuluma Project.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - South Africa

Inspiring African innovations: Perinatal Mental Health Project, South Africa.

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Malawi and Tanzania

Inspiring African innovations: An Integrated Approach to Youth Depression, Malawi and Tanzania

[#WHD2017 Africa Blog Series] - Sierra Leone

Inspiring innovations: Facilitating MHPSS in the Ebola Crisis, Sierra Leone

monitoring and evaluating psychosocial support

A summary of the International Fed. of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies new tool.

Voices from the field - Nigeria

Mental health and primary care in Benue State, Nigeria.

Evidence in the face of adversity

Studying psychological interventions in humanitarian settings.

Honouring fallen end-users

Flag of University of Cape Town at half-mast to honour Esidimeni victims.

The Friendship Bench therapy

What has made the Friendship Bench therapy so successful?

Perinatal Mental Health

A call to action


A landmark year for global mental health

MHIN Africa showcases MH innovations at WPA2016

MHIN Africa's Asanda Mcoyana describes November's network launch successes.

Global Neuroscience

It's time for Public Health and Science to join forces.

Catching up on MHIN Africa’s successful launch webinar

Highlights of the webinar that marked the launch of MHIN Africa.

Global Burden of Disease

Key findings of the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study 2015.

Invisible wounds

Mental health among displaced people and refugees.

Tackling poverty and mental health

What we know and what we can do to tackle poverty and mental health.

Mental health services in situations of conflict

Can mental health service delivery be integrated with crisis response?

Traditional measures of alcohol

Are traditional measures of alcohol use appropriate worldwide?

Three exciting launch events lined up for MHIN Africa

MHIN Africa reveal their upcoming launch activities.

#GMHTopFive: Twitter accounts to follow

Five Twitter accounts to follow for #globalmentalhealth updates.

Celebrate World Mental Health Day 2016 with MHIN

#WMHD2016: Psychological and mental health first aid.

#WMHD2016: Dignity in Mental Health

Psychological and Mental Health First Aid for All.