MHIN Africa Podcasts

MHIN Africa podcasts explore key issues within the field of mental health in the African continent. These include summaries of events happening in various regions, new policy developments in Africa, service-user stories and experiences.

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#PRIMERPCLondon Podcast Series: PRIME South Africa

Prof Inge Petersen of UKZN chats to us about the work of the programme in SA.

#PRIMERPCLondon Podcast Series: PRIME Ethiopia

PRIME Ethiopia's PI, Dr Abebaw Fekadu, on the programme's impact in the Sodo district.

#PRIMERPCLondon Podcast Series: PRIME Uganda

Dr Fred Kigozi on PRIME Uganda's impact in Kamuli, a rural district in Eastern Uganda.

MANI Virtual Conference 2018 Podcast

Virtual summit on “Mental Health, Social Media and Technology."

Launch of Global Mental Health Peer Network (GMH-PN)

A chat with the GMH-PN founder telling us more about the network.

Seminar One: "Deadly Practices: Esidimeni and beyond" (Part 1)

Part1 of seminar one: Seminar series - Deadly Medicine Travelling Exhibition.

Seminar One: "Deadly Practices: Esidimeni and beyond" (Part 2)

Part2 of seminar one: Seminar series - Deadly Medicine Travelling Exhibition. (Q&A Session)

Seminar Two: Beyond the Right to Life

Seminar Two: Seminar series - Deadly Medicine Travelling Exhibition.

Raj Persaud in Conversation: Where there is no psychiatrist

Interview with Dr Charlotte Hanlon about care for people with severe MH disorders.

Strengthening mental health system governance in six LMICs

An interview with article co-author Shalini Ahuja collaborating on the Emerald Project.

The Mental Health Integration Toolkit

In celebration of the launch of International Medical Corps' Toolkit for MH Integration.

Development Matters - More Attention to #GMH

The relationship between poverty and mental health.

Nature Podcast: Special episode on Global Mental Health

Three experts discuss the evidence for interventions.

#WHD2017 Depression: Let's Talk Podcast

Celebrating #WHD2017, featuring key speakers from the Centre for Global MH.

Ethiopian mental health strategy

Poor can gain more healthy life years as compared to the rich

Suicide prevention and the 'safeTALK' review

A discussion of safeTALK and other suicide prevention programmes.

Global Mental Health: How are we doing?

A talk about key messages from the World Health Organization's Mental Health Atlas.

Enabling Shared Learning from the GMH Community

A discussion on lessons from the body of research generated by GCC grantees.

Partnerships to Strength Local Research Capacity Part 2

Experiences of building effective partnerships to strengthen local research capacity.

Supporting Families Facing Adversity

A discussion on the importance of family systems while delivering therapy.

Core issues in engaging traditional healers

Dr Oye Gureje, University of Ibadan, discusses engaging traditional healers.

The Friendship Bench Program

A presentation of the GCC-funded project currently underway in Zimbabwe.

Building an online community of practice for MHPSS

A discussion on building an online community of practice for mental health.

Vikram Patel, Wellness Warrior

Vikram Patel included in TIME magazine's annual list of 100 most influential people.

Communication Of Research

A presentation on how to communicate findings effectively to your audience.

Where there is no psychologist

Moving away from expert-delivered interventions toward self-guided interventions.

The Policy Brief

An introduction to the policy brief.

Successful policy engagement in the field: Fahmy Hanna

Fahmy Hanna shares his experiences of successful policy engagement in the MH field.

Successful policy engagement in the field: Jessica McQuail

Jessica McQua shares her experiences of successful policy engagement in the MH field.

Research priorities within women's mental health

Interview with leading researcher in women's MH, Prof Louise Howard.

Building better mental health systems after emergencies

A discussion on WHO's "Building Back Better: sustainable MH care after emergencies."

Characterising mental health: MHIN's engagement strategies

Jessica Mackenzie's summary and findings on the global mental health arena.

Globally democratizing health sciences education

Audio from our live webinar with Dr. Erica Frank, founder of

Do small amounts of alcohol damage health?

An LSHTM recording discussing the results of a study looking at alcohol consumption.

Health policy research in conflict-affected areas

A discussion of Dr Bayard Roberts' work, which focuses on the health determinants.