MHIN Africa Webinars

MHIN Africa's selection of webinars featuring online, interactive discussions and presentations on key issues related to mental health in Africa.


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Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence and promoting action on MH affecting aid workers and volunteers.

Improving MH care in humanitarian crises

A panel of experts discusses effective MHPSS approaches in humanitarian contexts. Webinar

MHPSS and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

Forced displacement

Health & human rights in a challenging environment.

[Series] Voices from the Field: Webinar in French

MH scale-up for internally displaced and vulnerable populations in CAR.

CGMH Lunchtime Seminar

Perspectives on Depression

Suicide prevention webinar

Q&A on suicide prevention with Dr Shekhar Saxena.

Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society

Lecture by MHIN strategic adviser, Dr Shekhar Saxena.

Global mental health

Reflections on how we got here and where to next.

MHIN Africa launch webinar

African mental health care stakeholders are more powerful together.

SickKids Global Leadership Series

A discussion on improving access to care for child MH disorders globally.

International Youth Day webinar

Engaging young people in your mental health program.

Global Adolescent Health

Reducing Storm & Stress.

Mental health: the world's forgotten crisis

A debate on how we address and make progress on MH around the world.

MH and psychosocial wellbeing of Eritrean refugees in Africa

An overview of issues around MH wellbeing of Eritreans along the transit route.

[New Series] Ask the Policy Expert

Reforming Mental Health Services in Ethiopia.

Leveraging and Creating Space to Work

Key Strategies of Ashoka Fellows working in LMIC Mental Health

Global Mental Health Communications Toolkit

An introduction to the Global Mental Health Communications Toolkit.

Peer-Support Groups

Opportunities and Challenges from the UK and Uganda.

Dignity & Independence

Re-imagining Ugandan Mental Health Care in the Post-Colonial Era.

Preventing Suicide in Low Resources Settings

A seminar marking World Suicide Prevention Day, 2015.

Addressing MH Needs of Children and their Families

A discussion on the best practice of responding to the specific MH needs of children.

Poverty and Mental Disorders

Recording of the CGMH seminar on Poverty and Mental Disorders.

Assessing MH and Psychosocial Needs and Resources in Emergency Settings

Knowledge and personal examples on the WHO-UNHCR toolkit for humanitarian settings.

Responding to the Global Dementia Challenge

How the GMH community is now responding to this challenge.

Global Mental Health and the Research

Policy interface: Global Mental Health seminar on 14th May at LSHTM.

Integrating MH into Maternal Health Programs

A discussion on the need to integrate MH into maternal health programs.

Mental health economics demystified

Q&A session about the health economic aspects of planned work.

Mental health of refugees in urban settings

A discussion on how to support mental health systems.

Challenges and opportunities in reducing harmful use of alcohol

Q&A session discussing how to effectively tackle the harmful effects of alcohol use.

Building a comprehensive Suicide Prevention Strategy

Q&A session discussing effective, comprehensive suicide prevention strategy.

Psychosocial Aspects of the Ebola Emergency

Webinar hosted by Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Hughes.

Reflections on Past, Present, and Future

The growing domain of global mental health.

Developing MH Services in Low Resource Countries

A discussion on developing MH services in low resource countries.

Low prevalence, severe impact

What GMH offers people living with psychosis.

Democratizing health sciences education

A recording of MHINs first webinar with the founder of

Social Entrepreneurship

Mental Health Interventions in Low-Income Countries