The MHPSS Collaborative

The MHPSS Collaborative was born out of a response to a growing body of research on the impacts of children’s exposure globally to unprecedented rates of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect – particularly those in crisis, migration and displacement situations. 

This Collaborations page supports the development of an online space dedicated to knowledge exchange and information management working within the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) space with a specific focus on children and families promoted via the Mental Health Innovation Network. The page hosts:

  • MHPSS innovations, research projects and approaches within the field
  • A network of NGOs, CSOs and non-profit initiatives working in the field
  • Targeted resources on MHPSS provision for children and families

Learn more about the MHPSS Collaborative for Children and Families in our launch blog.

MHPSS Innovations

MHPSS Organisations

MHPSS Resources