About the toolkit

RISING SUN offers a wide range of information on the determinants of suicide across the Arctic, as well as best practices in suicide prevention in circumpolar Indigenous communities. A key output of RISING SUN’s collaboration with MHIN is a web-based toolkit covering key outcomes and measures to assess the impact and effectiveness of suicide prevention interventions in the circumpolar Arctic.

  • To learn more about RISING SUN, read the Innovation page, which describes the development of the initiative, its aims and the partners involved
  • To learn more about successful community practices in the circumpolar North, check out the blog
  • Listen to a podcast discussing the burden of suicide in Arctic Indigenous communities and the role RISING SUN plays in the future of suicide prevention efforts in the circumpolar North

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RISING SUN Innovation

The RISING SUN Innovation page details the processes used to identify common outcomes and measures for evaluating suicide prevention efforts in the circumpolar North.

Promising Practices in the Arctic

In this blog, Roberto Delgado highlights successful examples of community designed initiatives that address underlying factors associated with suicide in Arctic communities.

Suicide Prevention in the Arctic

The podcast discusses the successful relationships that made RISING SUN possible and what future implications the initiative holds within the circumpolar North.