SUCCEED Africa: Inclusive mental health research & care

People with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities have a range of concerns that are not always addressed by health services alone. SUCCEED Africa is an international research consortium taking a bottom-up approach to investigate “What Works” for people with psychosis in their communities.

SUCCEED Africa builds on principles of co-production and South-South partnership to establish regional centres of excellence in research and policy on psychosocial disabilities, focusing on schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, and other psychotic conditions. SUCCEED will fundamentally change how research on psychosocial disabilities is conducted in low- and middle-income countries. In the process, SUCCEED Africa will develop local centres of excellence in co-production in Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. The team of researchers are from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing at the University of Malawi, University of Ibadan, University of Makeni and University of Zimbabwe including peer researchers and representatives from WHO and FCDO.

The SUCCEED programme of "SUpport, Comprehensive Care and EmpowErment for people with psychosocial Disability in Africa" is funded by UK aid from the UK government; however the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies.

Launch Webinar

Watch the launch webinar which took place on 10 December, World Human Rights Day.

Launch Blog

Announcing the launch of SUCCEED Africa by the CEO and Peer Researchers.

SUCCEED's Year Two End of the Year Report

Video About SUCCEED


Watch the SUCCEED Annual Webinar which took place on the 2022 Human Rights Day

Sierra Leone Peer Researchers Advocacy outing on Radio Bintumani in Kabala to commemorate World Mental Health Day 2022

To honor the World Mental Health Day 2022, the Sierra Leone team, led by the peer researchers, organised a show on Radio Bintumani in a the remote town of Kabala, where there is little or no internet connection. This was produced in Krio to make it more accessible to listeners. Listeners called in with questions for the panel and it received positive comments and discussion online around how to improve mental health.

SUCCEED Africa 2022 World Mental Health Day Video

SUCCEED Africa joined the world in commemorating the 2022 World Mental Health Day with the theme " Making Mental Health a Global Priority". This video was co-produced with Peer Researchers on the SUCCEED project.

SUCCEED Africa 2023 International Women's Day Advocacy Video

Members of the SUCCEED Nigeria and London Teams, were meeting with the SUCCEED Sierra Leone Team in the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. Women Members of the Teams took a short break from the intense Meetings to send out greetings on the International Women's Day.

SUCCEED Sierra Leone Participates in the 2022 Sierra Leone Annual National Mental Health Conference

SUCCEED Africa Sierra Leone (SL) co-hosted the 2022 Sierra Leone Annual Mental Health Conference. For the first time, the SUCCEED SL team is co-hosting the annual conference, which is also the 9th Annual Mental Health Conference