Paying our respects to Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi

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Paying our respects to Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi

Dr Sheila Ndyanabangi was a Public Health Specialist who joined the Ministry of Health of Uganda in 1998 as a Medical Officer Special Grade. In 2000, she became the National Mental Health Coordinator and was a passionate advocate for accessible mental health, working tirelessly to strengthen mental health services in the country. Her office was always open to anyone, whether an academician, a consumer of services or a service provider.

Dr. Ndyanabangi passed away on the 25th of August but we will always remember her for her passionate and untiring efforts due to which Uganda’s mental health services have made tremendous strides forward. Uganda is a model for how mental health services can be strengthened through a programming approach, through integration into primary health care.

Tribute written by Florence Baingana -  MHPSS Consultant, WHO Nigera

© Image Sourced from Uganda Cancer Institute

Sheila Ndyanabangi
I met Sheila on many occasions, and wanted to add my voice to those who have said how important her role was in raising the profile of mental health, not only in Uganda but more widely in Africa and internationally. She was a passionate and articulate speaker, and this was demonstrated in the success she had in Uganda, where mental health became a much more prominent health priority during her time in office.