New funding opportunity: Community Mental Health Matters

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New funding opportunity: Community Mental Health Matters

A new funding initiative has been launched for existing and emerging mental health initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

  • Amount of funds available: £1.8 million. Funding requests are welcome up to the value of £300,000 each.
  • Duration: Must be a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months.
  • Countries encouraged to apply: Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe

Applicants must have demonstrated successful experience in advancing mental health care in community settings in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The application process will be one stage and will be open for proposals from Wednesday, 22 March 2017 to midday on Sunday, 26 April 2017. Final decisions will be given in October 2017.

For more details on how to apply for funding, please check back on Comic Relief's website grants section from Wednesday, 22 March 2017. Community mental health matters!

NKHOMA community mental health program

Hi, Is CR still supporting community mental health programs? We are looking to expand with in our catchment area in Malawi. A second interest is maternal mental health. Please advise. Thanks