Depression and health seeking in Sri Lankan migrants and Anglo-Australians; illness beliefs & social networks

Culture provides a lens through which we see and experience the world. This presents some of the findings from a large-scale, Australian qualitative study which explored how depression and health seeking behaviours are modulated by culture in Sri Lankan migrants and Anglo Australians. Specifically, the talk will explore:

  • Representational models of depression and how these influence health seeking
  • The pivotal role of social networks in modulating care and care pathways
  • The process of stigmatization and the insidious impact stigma has on the lives of people living with mental illness irrespective of culture.

About the speaker

Josefine Antoniades is a research fellow at the National Ageing Research Institute where she works on an innovative multi-media project-Moving Pictures-which aims to improve dementia awareness in culturally and linguistically diverse communities through filmmaking. Her prime research interests include the nexus of culture, mental health and health behaviours, in particular in underserved and vulnerable communities.

Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
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