mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building Opportunity

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mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building Opportunity

mhGAP-Humanitarian Intervention Guide (mhGAP-HIG) Capacity Building Opportunity

WHO and International Medical Corps WHO and International Medical Corps are now accepting applications for the 2023 mhGAP-HIG capacity building course on integrating mental health with general health care in humanitarian settings.

The course is offered through the “Strengthening organizational capacity for integrating mental health care in health services in humanitarian settings through training and mentoring” project funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance. An informational video can be found at: Below, please find information about the course and how to apply. What is the mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building Course? In 2017, WHO and UNHCR released the mhGAP Humanitarian Intervention Guide (mhGAP-HIG) for field testing and in 2018 WHO released the mhGAP Operations Manual to support its rollout. Also in 2018, International Medical Corps, in collaboration with WHO and other agencies, released an online toolkit for integrating mental health programs in general healthcare in humanitarian settings to strengthen operationalization beyond the clinical capacity building component. This course builds on WHO’s and International Medical Corps’ previous experience with mhGAP-HIG capacity building projects, including two workshops in 2019 and an online course by International Medical Corps in 2021.

The mhGAP-HIG capacity building course includes: 1) A Training of Trainers and Supervisors (TOTS) in using the mhGAP-HIG on clinical management of mental, neurological and substance use conditions in humanitarian emergencies, and 2) Training on the utilization mhGAP-HIG and associated tools within humanitarian health programming (e.g. monitoring, supervision, organization of services, and integration into existing systems of care).

Overall participation in the project is comprised of a) a 13 week online training that covers mhGAP-HIG Training of Trainers and Supervisors (TOTS) in clinical assessment and management and mhGAP-HIG project design and service implementation and b) a capacity building phase in which partner organizations implement mhGAP-HIG, with tailored mentoring and technical support from WHO and International Medical Corps. Who should attend? This course is for mental health experts (e.g. MHPSS advisors, MHPSS clinical field staff serving as trainers and supervisors or MHPSS project managers) and general health workers with considerable expertise in MHPSS who work in humanitarian emergency contexts and have organizational commitment to the operationalization of mhGAP-HIG. The project prioritizes the capacity building of local non-governmental organizations (LNGOs).

This course will be implemented in English. A separate announcement will be shared in September 2023 for a course that will be implemented in French in early 2024. When and where? The mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building course will be offered as a distance learning course over a 13-week period between September and early December 2023 (exact dates TBC). Participants will be expected to devote approximately 4-6 hours per week, including through attendance at synchronous online sessions and homework assignments. How to apply? To apply please fill out a brief application form that can be accessed through the following link: The deadline for applications is July 7th, 2023. Given the required time commitment and expectations for post-training integration of mhGAP-HIG in your organizations, please discuss your intention with your supervisors and/or teams before applying. For any questions, please contact:


For more details, please read the information sheet and course description.