Women's Mental Health Research Summer School | 3-5 July 2019

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Women's Mental Health Research Summer School | 3-5 July 2019

The Health Service & Population Research Department at King’s College London is now accepting applications for Women’s Mental Health Research 2019.

This three-day course aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the nature and determinants of women’s mental health, and research principles and methods for the study of these issues and for the design and evaluation of strategies to improve women’s mental health. Students will also be provided with practical guidance on safety and ethical issues in women’s mental health research. Key topics include the risk of illness to the mother and child in the perinatal period and the relationship between domestic and sexual violence and women’s mental health.

For more information and to apply, please visit the Short Courses prospectus here: https://www1.kcl.ac.uk/prospectus/shortcourses/index/name/hsprwomensment...

For more information, please contact: hspr-summerschools@kcl.ac.uk