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We need your help!

Its been a whirlwind 9 months since the MHIN was launched, and we would love to hear how useful you are finding the site and what we can improve. We've put together a supershort 9 questions survey so members can feedback on how MHIN is currently functioning. 

MHIN user feedback survey

If you have any additional comments or feedback, add them to this thread or email them to mhin@lshtm.ac.uk


Hi Marguerite, 

I love MHIN. I consider that as an innovative ciberspace and a very good source of information. However I am wondering to interact with other reaserchers or mental health professionals. Althought I know It is not an easy task, I think that is missing a sort of virtual meetings or in someway a virtual facititation for that, especially regarding the field of work and simple experiences. I trully believe that gathering then it s a way to evidence global mental health values. In order to show you what I am trying to explain I am sharing here a linkdnl link where I posted this cyber way to gather experiences and make health professionals to interact:  


Kind regards