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Idea for project

I have an idea that it is based on my experience in dealing with schizophrenia issues.

I think that people with mental disorders have an amazing creativity potential. My idea is about how to use it on global market.

There are several steps to do that.

First I would like to lead a project about organizing conference on work barriers issues for people with mental disorders or other subject choosen by the people who would be a part of the project team. The team would consist of 3,4 people with mental disabilities and two three people without them (in that role I see psychology students) Each person would work on complex and indepent tasks such as logistics of the event or contact with sponsors., The main reason for this step is to build sense of self-esteem in ill people and show them that they can be successful at working on complex issues and they are not worse than people without such problems. The other reason is to prepare them to lead their own project based on their passion and intrests.

The next step would be about organizing projects by people (especially people with mental disorders) previousle working in main project based on their individual passions and intrests.

The third step is about offering companies services provided by those people lets call them changers. They would be about inventing new products or services in cooperation with dedicated companies employes. The companies workers would provide data about their work environment and problems they faced and than together with changers they would try to find a solutions.

What do You think about such idea?

avionwanderson_9088 (not verified)

It's a great idea, that should be ongoing.

Looking forward for it

I love the idea. what about the app? Where is it now?