mhGAP 2.0 educational videos - need to be made!

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mhGAP 2.0 educational videos - need to be made!

I am an U.S. trained psychatrist working in NW (Anglophone) Cameroon with mental health nurses. We've done some mhGAP 2.0 training seminars. Loved the mhGAP 1.0 videos on YouTube made by IMC in the past, wanted to make some in English, pidgin English, possibly even French. Anyone with script-writing, acting, videography, or other skills interested in partnering? Or does anyone know of anyone working on these right now elsewhere in the world?

Hi Mary,

Hi Mary,

Following mhGAP training in Pakistan, we also believe that videos in local language and context are essential for effective training. Therefore we have also been experimenting making videos in urdu. I am sharing the link for Depression Part 1 (Total 3 parts).

Look forward to your feedback..


mhGAP educational videos

Hi Asma Nice video! Surely helpful with local content in local context. I will look forward some more info My email [] Regards, AijazQadir Patoli Chief Medical Officer (admn) Sir Cowasjee Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad Pakistan



wow this is outstanding! I love the arrangement and setup. Admitedly I cannot comment on the content as I don't speak Urdu, but I really like the idea of interweaving some of the original mhGAP informational slides with new acting/subtitles. Have you considerd changing the mhGAP english slides to ones in your language(s)? 

When we begin filming ours, we want to use the mhGAP 2.0 as well since we've done trainings in that most recently. 

How did you decide on your scripts? Did you copy the original videos' scripts or write your own? How many "takes" did it take? 

sunnyguy2390_15943 (not verified)

Hello Mary. I have no special skills in video filming and editing. But I can advise you a great online service where you can order an educational or mind video for your project. And I really like it. After all, with the development of information technology, it is not necessary to take any courses. You can simply order the finished material and not waste your time.