UCL Lecture - How to get your Research Paper Published

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UCL Lecture - How to get your Research Paper Published

Publication is key to communicating new ideas and research findings. However, many scholars and students find the publication process challenging. Those from low- and middle-income countries face additional barriers.  In this video series Professor Leslie Swartz, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, a leading researcher and journal editor, walks students and scholars through the publications process.  

The presentation is divided into Part 1 and 2, to allow inclusion in classroom instruction and 6 short excerpts from Part 1/ Part 2 are available to inform viewers about specific issues. These videos are now on YouTube for individual and classroom use.

The lecture was filmed at the Partnership for Africa’s Next Generation of Academics Training Skills and Development Programme Workshop at University of Ghana 2017, and funded through the ‘Bridging the Gap: Disability and Development in Four African Countries’ research project (N Groce PI). Research funding from the UK Department for International Development and ESRC Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research. (ES/L008785/1)

For additional information, contact:   Professor Nora Groce,  Director, UCL International Disability Research Centre,   Department of Epidemiology and Health Care,  University College London.  nora.groce@ucl.ac.uk

Find the complete series in the links below: 

On our YouTube Channel: UCL International Disability Research Centre or on our website