2018 IIMHL Leadership Exchange announced: Building Bridges Beyond Borders

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2018 IIMHL Leadership Exchange announced: Building Bridges Beyond Borders
IIMHL is a unique international collaborative that focuses
on creating the best opportunities for mental health leaders
to share innovations, network and problem solve across
countries and agencies through Leadership Exchanges
within the field of mental health promotion and well-being
for all.
More than 3500 leaders have joined the IIMHL collaboration
so far. These leaders are all committed to creating the best
possible conditions for mental health in all sectors, across
the life-span, from the member countries Australia, Canada,
England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, the
USA, and elsewhere.
We welcome you to become a member of the International
Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and to sign up
for the next Leadership Exchange which will take place in
Sweden and across Europe, May 28th–June 1st 2018.
From September 1st – Learn more about IIMHL and sign
up as a member on IIMHL’s website www.iimhl.com. Then
you can proceed to register for the Leadership Exchange as
of November 1st.
From November 1st – Check out the website www.iimhl.se
for continuously updated information about the 2018
Leadership Exchange, to register and choose the events of
the Exchange that best match your interests.
More information at www.iimhl.com