Bringing Arts Based Therapy to Asia - ABT Certificate Course

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Bringing Arts Based Therapy to Asia - ABT Certificate Course

The Bapu Trust for Research on Mind and Discourse is an NGO based in Pune, India and works in the development sector with multiple stakeholders on the inclusion of persons with mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities.

Bapu Trust believes in integrating non-medical healing and social justice practice into contemporary mental health healing arts and disability thinking. Their principle shows through their Arts Based Therapy (ABT) course which seeks to enhance therapeutic benefits by providing individuals seeking recovery a choice to accomplish their own individualized mental health goals within a safe non-coercing therapeutic relationship.

The course is taught by ABT Educators, the completion of which certifies individuals as credentialed ABT practitioners.

Course details:

Dates: July 2018 - June, 2019

Registration: Through application form

Prospectus: Can be accessed online

Queries related to the ABT course can be addressed to