My Wellness & COVID-19: A Nationwide Survey (India)

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My Wellness & COVID-19: A Nationwide Survey (India)

COVID-19 has forced large numbers of people across India into isolation for significant periods of time, and the mental health and social well-being impacts of this crisis are unknown. Sangath has launched a nationwide survey called My Wellness & COVID-19, which examines the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown on the mental and social health of individuals, and helps identify the home-based activities that could improve health and wellbeing. The survey is open to all adults residing in India.

Please take the survey here: You can access more information about the survey here:

We request you help us share the survey with your various networks. Our findings will help policymakers, healthcare workers, and community-based services provide a more sensitive and evidence-based response to this pandemic, and we would appreciate your assistance in disseminating the survey through email lists, social media, and with your other engaged communities.

Please reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like to coordinate a more in-depth partnership to promote the survey. Thank you for your work and for any help you can provide in getting the word out.

Research Team: Sangath Addictions Research Group