IMC Global MHPSS Capacity Building Specialist

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IMC Global MHPSS Capacity Building Specialist Program Background International Medical Corps is committed to contributing to organizational and interagency global capacity building in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in humanitarian settings. The mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building Project is an innovative initiative that was led by the World Health Organization in collaboration with International Medical Corps to support the global uptake of WHO’s Mental Health Gap Action Program and its Humanitarian Intervention Guide. It involved capacity building in mhGAP-HIG and orientation on the IMC Toolkit for Mental Health Integration into general health care in humanitarian settings and the WHO mhGAP Operations Manual. The training was followed by mentoring during agency implementation of mhGAP-HIG, with an evaluation component to document results. There is an expressed need and interest in continuing global capacity building for mhGAP-HIG and the tools to inform implementation, which led to one main component of this new global project. Furthermore, there has been a longstanding critical gap regarding comprehensive guidelines and practical recommendations for the delivery of clinical MHPSS services and supervision to geographically remote or inaccessible settings. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the additional challenge of ensuring continuation of MHPSS services during movement restrictions and infection control measures. There is a lack of research or comprehensive guidelines on remote MHPSS approaches such as Tele-MHPSS in LMIC settings. The second component of this global project aims to document and disseminate the learning that has emerged through IMC adaptation or implementation of remote MHPSS service delivery so that global humanitarian MHPSS actors support MHPSS service delivery in complex operational environments. Job Summary The Global MHPSS Capacity Building Specialist will be the technical expert for the new global grant, “Strengthening Organizational Capacity for Delivery of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in Humanitarian Setting through Training and Mentoring”. This role will require technical support for the project’s two components: a) conducting a global virtual capacity building workshop and ongoing mentorship for multiple agencies on WHO’s mhGAP-HIG; b) evaluation and documentation of an IMC case study on the processes involved in the design, adaptation and implementation of mental health care delivery to remote settings and/or via remote modalities in five diverse humanitarian settings, which will inform global guidance on this thematic. The Global MHPSS Capacity Building Specialist will work closely with the Global MHPSS Capacity Building Project Manager, and in collaboration with the Technical Unit’s global MHPSS team of advisors. The duration of the role is 18 months. Essential Duties & Responsibilities GENERAL Serve as the technical specialist for global MHPSS capacity building for this project Support the project’s implementation, in line with IMC and global MHPSS standards and guidelines (IASC Guidelines; IMC MHPSS Minimum and Comprehensive Quality Standards), in close coordination with the Global MHPSS Project Manager and IMC Technical Unit MHPSS team Technical Support to the global mhGAP-HIG Capacity Building Project Component Review all project materials to date, including draft training materials, pre- and post-training assessments, training evaluation forms, and training report. Facilitate the updating and dissemination of the Training Needs Assessment to partners; analyze findings and identify recommendations; produce a TNA report Based on identified findings and capacity-building priorities and transition to a remote online learning platform, support the refinement of an updated training curriculum and associated tools and resources, including supervision plans Lead on the technical support for the planning and implementation one global virtual capacity building workshop on mhGAP-HIG for participant of multiple agencies, in collaboration with IMC global MHPSS team staff for technical support Serve as the lead trainer for the mhGAP-HIG capacity building workshop, in collaboration with other guest trainers Serve as the technical focal point for clinical supervision and programmatic support of agency implementation of mhGAP-HIG, bilaterally and through a global Community of Practice, subsequent to the workshop Technical Support to the IMC Case Study on Remote & Tele-MHPSS Services Project Component Support with the technical review and finalization of five country-level case studies on their findings from adapting or developing remote and tele-MHPSS programs, in collaboration with the rest of the global MHPSS team and relevant technical advisors Provide technical support and contributions to the development and finalization of the global case study guidance document Provide technical contributions for the writing all internal and donor reports, in collaboration with the rest of the global MHPSS project and TU staff Participate in or lead internal and external project meetings, as indicated Offer technical support to the development of external communication materials and articles (e.g., website content, blogs, handouts) about this project in coordination with IMC global MHPSS team staff and Communications Department The Global MHPSS Capacity-Building Specialist supports with technical contributions to and review of donor reports. COMPLIANCE & ETHICS Promote and encourage a culture of integrity, compliance and ethics among program participants. Maintain a clear understanding of International Medical Corps’ Code of Conduct and Security Protocols and adheres to those standards and protocols. Communicates these values to staff and to partners and requires them to adhere to these values. Qualifications: The qualified candidate will be a mental health specialist, e.g., psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychiatric nurse, or clinical social worker. Typically a Master’s degree in related area; equivalent combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate. Minimum of 6 years of progressively responsible professional experience in mental health care, including experience supporting MHPSS programs in multiple international humanitarian contexts Technical experience in the IASC Guidelines for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings Technical expertise in WHO’s mhGAP Humanitarian Intervention Guide and mhGAP Operations Manual, and IMC Toolkit for Mental Health Integration into general health care in humanitarian settings Extensive experience conducting trainings and providing clinical supervision with regard to global mental health care, including familiarity with a variety of capacity building approaches for implementation of mental health integration in humanitarian settings Demonstrated experience conducting mhGAP-HIG training and supervision Experience overseeing or supporting the implementation and/or adaptation of MHPSS programming for remote settings using a variety of support approaches, including tele-MHPSS Strong interpersonal and written skills, and cross-cultural competency