MHPSS Consultant - Colombia

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MHPSS Consultant - Colombia

Description Organizational Background:

Heartland Alliance International (HAI) is the youngest and fastest growing part of Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights, a family of organizations that has been leading anti-poverty and social justice work in Chicago for more than 125 years. HAI is comprised of nearly a dozen country offices implementing programs on a broad range of human rights issues globally, as well as the Chicago-based Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture, which serves individuals from more than 50 countries. HAI has significant expertise in the fields of trauma-informed mental health care and access to justice for survivors of rights abuses. It is also an industry leader in access to high-quality and stigma-free health care. Across all of its programs, HAI promotes progressive, innovative approaches to human rights protections and gender equality.


Improving Health and Building Resilience: MAS Colombia (MAS Colombia), funded under the US Department of State Population, Refugee and Migration, began in September 2017. MAS increases access to mental health and psychosocial services (MHPSS) to internally displaced persons (IDPs) through direct service provision, partnerships with government authorities and enabling communities to effectively and collaboratively advocate for their rights. IDPs include women and girls, Afro-Colombians and other particularly vulnerable populations. The project will expand existing coordination efforts among government, civil society organizations and communities impacted by forced displacements and create identification and referral networks to respond to the needs of IDPs.

For MAS Project, the consultant will be responsible for the following activities:


Two two-week trips to Colombia: one in July and one in late August/September. Travel, per diem and lodging will be covered by HAI. Provide MHPSS technical input into and support the HAI GBV and Sexual & Reproductive Health training for Community Psychosocial Assistants (CPA) & Psychologists in Colombia Develop a training curriculum and training modules on trauma informed care to capacity build Colombian institutions. Develop a handover plan and carry out a handover with the Colombia Clinical Director once hired. and implement a handover Carry out weekly calls with MAS Project Manager (in her absence, Country Director) and Mental Health Technical Advisor to provide technical input and collaboratively review and address technical challenges related to MAS Colombia program implementation. Conduct weekly remote clinical supervision with MAS Colombia psychologists, and field coordinators as required, to discuss: individual cases; skills related to and management of group activities; referrals and follow-up to specialized services, and basic support for families/caregivers of people with severe disorders; difficulties and questions related to the trainings in charge (i.e. CPAs training); among others.


Mid- and end-consultancy report summarizing findings and recommendations from remote supervision with psychologists and field coordinators. Finalized trauma informed training curriculum and modules based on needs assessment in collaboration with HAIs MHPSS Technical Advisor. Train key institutions and stakeholders on trauma informed care Finalized training report Final consultancy report Handover with Clinical Director

Consultant will submit weekly status update e-mails to summarize work completed and where time was allocated. The consultant will invoice all the time that is allocated to the remote support whether calls are connected or not, as the quality of the organization offices in the country are not the responsibility of the consultant.

Payment Schedule:

A proposal, draft budget, including consultation fees and all other evaluation-related expenses, including travel

After services have been satisfactorily rendered, as determined by the points of contact mentioned above, monthly payments will be provided to the consultant in full upon receipt of invoices.

To Apply: