MHIN Asia logo

Welcome to the Asia hub of the Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN).

MHIN Asia is a vibrant regional community for mental health innovators with diverse backgrounds and expertise such as research, policy, education, advocacy, practice, lived experience and more. The network serves as a regional platform to promote knowledge-sharing and foster connections and impactful collaborations. It brings together individuals and organizations passionate about advancing mental health in Asia and beyond.

MHIN Asia aims to

  • Foster knowledge synthesis, to gather and consolidate valuable insights and inputs from regional mental health experts and innovators.
  • Disseminate evidence, to share country and regional-level research findings, innovations, policies and best practices, ensuring wide reach across Asian countries.
  • Translate evidence to practice, to promote the translation and uptake of local evidence into policy and practice.
  • Enhancing engagement, to amplify engagement, visibility and access to each organization, project, and activity.

Join us in our efforts to strengthen the mental health landscape in Asia and beyond.