Lancet Commission Activities and Launches

This map provides an overview of the activities and events being led by Commissioners and dissemination partners for The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development. 

Scroll over the countries highlighted in blue to reveal the topline about events taking place there. More information about the events can be found below the map. 

Event Details by Region


  1. NEXUS Salons marking World Mental Health Day:

Salons organised by NEXUS - an organisation bringing together the next generation of exceptional social innovators, philanthropists and impact investors - will take place in Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Melbourne, Nigeria, Dusseldorf, Uganda and Tanzania. These Salon event will mark World Mental Health Day and share findings from the Commission. 

North America

  1. Montreal, Canada - 22-23 Oct '18. The Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference [Link]
  2. New York, USA - 24-25 Sept '18. Concordia Annual Summit. [Link]
  3. New York, USA - 26 Sept '18. 'Time to Act on Global Mental Health' side event at the United Nations General Assembly [Link]
  4. DC, USA - 19 Oct '18. University of Washington launch
  5. USA - Jan '19. Carter Center launch - TBD


  1. London, UK - 10 Oct '18. Commission launch, Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit [Link]:

    The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development will be launched at the first-ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit. The launch will make the case for why decision-makers should put the Commission's insight into practice through a presentation by Joint Lead Editor Professor Vikram Patel, followed by a dynamic panel discussion. Summit proceedings will also showcase how young leaders are creatively championing the Commission to engage new generations.
  2. Geneva, Switzerland - 11-12 Oct '18. mhGAP Forum. [Link]
  3. Lisbon, Portugal - 24 Jan '19. The Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health [Link] :

    The Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health will be launching the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development report for Portuguese-speaking countries at the Nova Medical School on the 24th of Jan, 2019. 


  1. Abuja, Nigeria - 12 Nov '18.

Middle East

  1. Palestine (TBD) 

Find out more about the Lancet Commission at (link goes live on 10 October) and follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #LancetGMH.