4-year fully funded PhD studentship on trauma-informed primary care (Students Worldwide)

4-year fully funded PhD studentship on trauma-informed primary care (Students Worldwide)

Centre for Academic Primary Care at University of Bristol is advertising new 4-year fully funded PhD scholarship 'Co-producing a programme theory and framework for evaluating trauma-informed organisational change interventions in UK primary care'

Deadline: Friday, December 01, 2023

Further information here

Aims and objectives

To co-produce with patient and professional stakeholders a programme theory and framework to evaluate TI approaches in the UK primary healthcare.

The framework willbe tailored to real-world primary healthcare organisations to evaluate TI organisational change initiatives. These future evaluations will inform decisions on further refinement of the TI approaches, their funding, and relevant health policy. Co-production with stakeholders will ensure that the framework is acceptable to stakeholders and feasible to apply. Through supporting monitoring and evaluation of TI initiatives in primary healthcare services, this project contributes to better experiences and outcomes for all patients and staff.


This project is built on the trauma-informed principles, co-production and embedded research approach, and realist review and qualitative methods. The TI principles of safety, trust, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, and cultural sensitivity will be applied throughout the study and supervision. Supported by patient and public involvement coordinator, the student will recruit an advisory group of people with lived experience of trauma, TI practitioners, and academics with expertise in TI approaches. The group will provide advice throughout the study.

The student will start with a realist evidence synthesis [3] of programme theories and frameworks for evaluating TI organisational change interventions in healthcare. The follow-on primary study will take place in 2-4 primary healthcare organisations which have implemented/in the process of implementation of a TI organisational change programme. The student will be embedded (co-located) within these organisations to conduct ethnographic case studies. The studies will explore and document how TI organisational change is enacted in practice and how it has been evaluated. Informed by the case studies, the student and professional and lived experience stakeholders will co-produce the programme theory and evaluation framework through iterative cycles with feedback from the advisory group.

Supervisors: Dr Natalia Lewis (primary supervisor), Dr Sabi Redwood, Professor Katrina Turner, Dr Sharea Ijaz – advisor in realist evidence synthesis.