Call for Submission: Global Mental Health from the margins

Call for Submission: Global Mental Health from the margins

Calling for submissions for ReFrame, Mariwala Health Initiative yearly journal that challenges existing norms within the field of mental health. This year, we aim to critically examine dominant narratives and advances within the Global Mental Health field through the lenses of marginalised communities worldwide.
The deadline to submit your article is 10th December, 2023.
Mail submissions and queries to:

What are we looking for?

Foregrounding marginalised narratives in Global Mental Health can mean asking questions like:

  • Who commissions research in this field? What does it look like? Who gets cited? Who gets researched and how? How much of academic publishing in GMH involves collaboration with local communities, survivors/ service users?
  • How do we critique the agenda of treatment of mental, neurological, and substance use conditions in LMICs juxtaposed with the aim of equitable mental health for all?
  • Where and how are recent digital solutions being put forth to address mental health concerns? Who is requesting, designing and championing the same? What specific mental health conditions do these solutions address, and how effectively do they do so? What age groups do these solutions target, and why?
  • How has lived experience with mental health been defined? Does it fit LMIC contexts?
  • How does a user-led or community- led movement such as neurodiversity both challenge dominant mental health paradigms yet reflect voices only from certain locations?
  • What are the ways (if any), that global mental health engages with the carceral state? If not, how could such engagement inform the aim of ‘equitable mental health and well-being for all’?
  • How can the margins inform trauma and trauma-informed approaches?

Sub-themes that can be explored: 

  • Neurodiversity
  • Suicide and Self-Harm
  • Evolving Ideas on ‘Anxiety and Depression’
  • Substance Dependency
  • Trauma-Informed’ Approaches to Mental Health
  • Data and Common Measures of Mental Health
  • Incarceration and Imprisonment
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Climate Change and Mental Health
  • Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health
  • Agency and Resistance

Click here for more details, perspectives we're looking for & submission guidelines.