Summary of relevant work: 

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has a central mission: to reduce harm and to rebuild lives affected by armed violence.

We do this by carrying out field work, research and advocacy to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.
The number of fatalities from armed violence is estimated to be over half a million people killed every year. Around two thirds of these violent deaths are estimated to occur outside conflict situations.

Poorer countries are particularly badly affected.

We seek to remove the threat of weapons, monitor the impact of explosive weapons around the world and investigate what causes armed violence – from guns to suicide bombings. We aim to clear land of explosive weapons and work with governments to regulate guns.

We work with victims of armed violence, offering psychosocial assistance, providing opportunities to help them earn a living and to try to reduce conflict at local levels.

We work to build communities affected by armed violence, working with governments and measuring and monitoring the incidences and impacts of armed violence around the world.

Our work is divided into three main areas:
Acting on weapons, Assisting Victims and Supporting communities

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