Africa Initiative for Universal Development Organization-Sierra Leone

Africa Initiative for Universal Development Organization-Sierra Leone

Africa Initiative for Universal Development Organisation (AIUDO) is a national, non-governmental organization working with the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Sierra Leone, providing community-led programs which lead to long-term sustainable poverty reduction and community development outcomes. We also lead advocacy campaigns, institutional strengthening and capacity-building, and research.

Mission statement

Mission statement: To build sustainable, productive and healthy communities

Vision: Future of engaged and thriving communities in Sierra Leone  

Goal: To strengthen the capacities of local communities through sustainable, equitable and inclusive community-led, socio-economic development interventions. Through this, we aim to empower the poor and marginalized to address their livelihoods and economic needs, e.g. promote, protect and defend their fundamental rights; create space for just communities in which all citizens have opportunity to participate and develop their full potential.

Summary of relevant work

Africa Initiative for Universal Development Organization (AIUDO) focuses on the following themes:

Disability Advocacy and Livelihood Improvements

People with disability (PWDs) have a right to participate in, and benefit from, development. Their inclusion will help reduce the inequalities that are slowing down progress on the elimination of extreme poverty. The slogan 'Disability is not inability' is becoming increasingly visible as PWDs raise awareness of their rights and potential. At AIUD, we make sure that no one is left behind. PWDs are more likely to be excluded from most development initiatives and therefore struggle to lift them out of poverty.

Food Security and Livelihoods

We aim to support small-scale farmers to address food security challenges at household levels. We train farmer; provide farm inputs, tools and moderate mechanization equipment; distribution of livestock and training of community para-vets. Support agricultural development through agribusiness, value chain identification/mapping and analysis using practical models, qualitative as well as quantitative approaches. Support and link farmers to markets, access to finance and formation of VSLA to foster expanded investments in agriculture. Map, support and rank quick-win products and services for MSMEs to increase their competitiveness including agribusiness across value chains.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Availability of and access to clean water and safe sanitation is a major factor affecting the health status of the population. AIUDO joins the WASH network (Network on WASH NGOs and CSOs in Sierra Leone) to improve water and sanitation, integrating sustainable and local innovations through WASH infrastructure construction, rehabilitation and renovation; strengthening accountability frameworks and building the capacities of local governance structures for sustainable WASH service delivery. 

Governance, Women, Girl child Economic Empowerment

We promote women and girls in economic empowerment through inclusive means of livelihoods, life skills, sexual and reproductive health rights education to enable women and girls gain, protect and promote their rights, values and wellbeing. We strengthen capacity of local government, civil society and private sector institutions to effectively discharge their responsibilities to mitigate poverty and enhance women political participation.

Research and Consultancy Services

We undertake research and studies in Agriculture and agribusiness development and value chains; conduct environmental and social impact assessment and scooping; undertake consultancy in institutional development and capacity building; surveys (feasibility, baselines, impact assessment, mapping, capacity assessment, strategy and policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation; gender equality, GBV and Youth and Drug abuse etc).  

Key partners

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