is a medium used to create an engaged, informed and socially responsible community, shaping the future of how we understand and interact with people with neurodevelopmental disorders. The company provides behaviour treatment, trains specialized therapists and is an information hub for resources on neuro-developmental disorders and the broader mental health issues.

Summary of relevant work: 

To date, has delivered assessments for almost 200 children and is actively working on the design and implementation of effective bespoke behavioural treatment plans for 50 of the children assessed so far. also runs community development projects to help create a tolerant and understanding perception of children with developmental disorders. The purpose of this community development work is to break down stigma and attitudes that hinder the child’s progress.

Campaigns aimed at reaching a wider public audience include media and social media campaigns such as the 2016 autism awareness video campaign, released across 500 public transport buses in Lagos, reaching 200,000 commuters daily over a one-month period. This project was undertaken in partnership with Battabox Nigeria, a Youtube video channel and mobile app. has participated twice at Social Media Week Lagos running seminars and panel discussions on treatment for children with neuro-developmental disorders and changing attitudes towards mental health. Social Media Week was attended by 300 guests and was documented to have a global online reach of 801 million people. Since the initial panel discussion a series of conversations over social media platforms and other related projects have emerged including a fitness event promoting positive mental health practices and prevention tips. These events have nurtured relationships with other mental health institutions in the continent including MANI and MHIN Africa.

Born out of’s mental health awareness work, PsyndUp is a database for mental health professionals in Nigeria. This online database and blog is already connecting people to mental health services in the country and is providing a platform for people to anonymously share their stories, enabling us to break the stigma related to mental health issues. also participated in a community development 3-day training project with a free, diagnostic clinic in Bayelsa, located in the southern region of Nigeria. Hosted by a local foundation, through this project, we were able to physically reach a large number of people who ordinarily live in the rural and hard-to-reach areas of Nigeria. In the first 3 hours of the clinic day we had seen and assessed over 30 children. By the following year, empowered with the tools to transfer knowledge, the hosting foundation had replicated the training in at least three more local communities in the area. The impact from the initial training project two years ago continues to ripple across the country.

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