An inclusive society where basic needs and rights of all people with mental health disorders are recognized and respected.

BNBR believes in, and is guided by the following organizational ideals:

  1. Inclusion: BNBR respects all the stakeholders and will endeavour to facilitate inclusion at all levels without discrimination on the basis of religion, tribe, sex or any other basis.
  2. Respect: Respect for and safeguarding of human rights and dignity will be an overriding consideration in all our actions.
  3. Diversity: BNBR is sensitive to, respects and consciously draws from the diversity in people’s identities, cultures, knowledge, abilities and practices.
  4. Integrity: We uphold ourselves to the highest levels of truthfulness, honesty, openness and uprightness, and commit to doing the right things as a matter of principle.
  5. Transparency & accountability: We uphold stakeholders trust through consistent open and prudent administration of fiscal and other resources entrusted to us.

Our work is premised on the foundation that everyone deserves a dignified life. We thus dedicate resources and capabilities to protect, promote and actualize the basic needs and rights of persons with mental health disorders and their caregivers as a basis of addressing the inequalities, dehumanization and or discrimination that such people often face.

Our work draws from universal human rights principles and protocols. We pursue social justice as an approach to enabling transformation in the spaces we seek to influence. We catalyze such change by supporting strategic initiatives and collaborating with complementary change agents.

Summary of relevant work: 
  1. Anti-Stigma Campaign in Nairobi; A programme where Persons with lived experience (champions) are leading conversations with persons without lived experience of mental health challenges in order to change their perceptions thus reduce stigma. Funded by Time to Change through Christian Blind Mission (CBM UK & CBM Kenya).
  2. Mental Health and Well Being in Higher Education – A program to strengthen the mental health services in Chuka and Kenyatta Universities through trainings on low intensity therapies, establishing support groups and rehabilitation for substance use problems. Funded by Nous Cims through CBM UK & CBM Kenya.
  3. Building resilience and sustainable livelihoods among coffee farmers in Bungoma – A programme whereby group formation trainings are done together with linkages to community mental health services. Also, the program seeds grant for income generative activities for sustainable incomes. Funded by ECOM Agro-industrial Corp through Basic Needs US.
  4. Rights Based Approaches to Community Mental Health – Program in which it integrates the WHO/MOH Quality Rights initiatives. Funded by Open Society Initiative of East Africa (OSIEA)
  5. Youth First Kenya Personal resilience program running in 15 schools in Tharaka Nithi County – It’s Implementation in schools was completed in July 2019. Funded by Johnson & Johnson through Corstone with a possibility of Corstone supporting a one-year extension to implement in 5 schools in 2020.
  6. SMART (Strengthening Mental Health Advocacy, Research and Training) project in partnership with University of Nairobi. The program was implemented in 4 schools in Kiambu county for 5 months and ended in Dec 2019. Peer parents and Community health workers were trained to facilitate 14 weekly multiple family group sessions on Respect, Roles, Responsibilities, Stress and Support in the family.
  7. BNBR Internal Capacity Building and providing Technical Project cycle management support and Training. This is on Inter Personal Group Therapies & Sustainable Livelihoods to the Community Psychosocial Support Project team implementing in camps for displaced persons in Uganda as well as in South Sudan from August 2018 to August 2020. Funded by Breadsticks Foundation, UK
  8. Partnership agreement concluded with Find Your Feet (FYF UK) for BNBR to provide technical support on Community Mental Health to the TSURO Trust implementing in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe on 1 Jan 2019-31 Dec 2020.
  9. CitiesRise – Pursuing budgets to implement a project until Dec 2020 in partnership with Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD) who are the lead partner and grant holder. If successful, presents an opportunity to retain our staff who work on the YFK school program. 
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