An Australia where young people engage in positive conversations about mental health and are empowered to seek out help when needed.


To deliver innovative peer-to-peer programs that engage, educate and empower young people. batyr’s programs focus on addressing issues that impact the mental health of young people, and promote resilience and help seeking behaviour.

Who we are

batyr is a for purpose organisation that aims to engage, educate and empower young people to have positive conversations about mental health. batyr offer a range of programs that 'give a voice to the elephant in the room.'

From training young people to share their lived experience of mental ill health, to running dynamic programs in schools and universities, batyr aims to smash the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage young people to seek help when they need it.

Why we do what we do

In an Australian classroom of 30 students - 7 will be dealing with a significant mental health issue - only 2 of them will seek help, which leaves 5 suffering in silence.

Summary of relevant work: 


batyr@school programs offer a unique form of education that hopes to see a happier, healthier generation of young people by removing the stigma around mental health and engaging, educating and empowering young people to get help. batyr's carefully researched and designed programs take trained young speakers out to schools to share their lived experiences with mental ill health, along with trained facilitators who deliver vital educational information in a fun, safe and engaging way.


batyr speakers share their personal stories of difficult times, educating the students about the first hand benefits of reaching out, the avenues which are available to them both on and off campus, and how best to help themselves or someone else facing similar situations. batyr@uni programs act as a bridge between students and avenues of help, assisting them to take that first and crucial step of getting help.

batyr@school Teacher Professional Development

Unlike most 'death-by-powerpoint' PD programs, the batyr@school for Teachers PD is an interactive and collaborative workshop where the role of teachers in the lives and the mental health of their students is powerfully challenged. Teachers hear from a trained lived experience speaker, who shares their story of mental ill heath, with a focus on resilience, recovery and hope. We also explore the batyr '5 key mental health support strategies' and implement these in case studies of hypothetical situations that teachers may encounter with their students. Opportunities for discussion as well as Q&A time all help teachers 'smash the stigma' surrounding mental health and in turn promote help-seeking amongst young people in classrooms throughout Australia.


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