Belarusian Association of Social Workers

Belarusian Association of Social Workers

The purpose of BASW is to consolidate efforts aimed at achieving physical, mental and social well-being of vulnerable groups of the population, developing professional social work and rehabilitation.

Summary of relevant work

  • Further training, information, organizational, methodological and other support for the professional activities of NGO BASW members
  • Study and implementation of the best practices in the field of social work and rehabilitation
  • Providing, within the framework of BASW programs and projects, social assistance to citizens who, due to their mental and physical characteristics and other circumstances are not able to realize their rights and interests on their own
  • Providing research in the social sphere

Since 1996, NGO BASW has implemented more than 40 projects and programs in the field of social support and rehabilitation of vulnerable populations. Among those groups are:

People with mental illness

  • Clubhouses network (4 cities). Clubhouse is an international model of social and psychological rehabilitation for people with mental illness (2013 – present)
  • Initiative against stigma in mental health; (since 2016 – present)
  • Mental Health Initiatives Support Center (since March 2018 – present)
  • “Garden of hope”. Goal: social and labor rehabilitation of people with psychiatric problems on the basis of ornamental plants nurseries. (2006-2007)
  • Self-help groups in mental health (1997-1998, 2005-2007, 2017-2018) and etc.


  • “University of the third age” (Since 2013 – till now). The goal is to promote the improvement of the quality of life, the activity of older people of Minsk (aged 60 years) and to prevent their social exclusion through involvement in the process of non-formal education and volunteering, creating conditions for creativity and expanding social contacts. Every year, more than 1,000 elderly Minsk residents undergo training in various areas within the university.


  • The first in Belarus - Homeless Care Center (1997-2002). More than 2500 homeless people received support. The technology of social work with the homeless, developed by the NGO BASW, was successfully implemented, upon completion of the project, the city administration assumed responsibility for providing social assistance to the homeless, and as a result, in 2002, the first State institution “Night home for homeless persons”.

Victims of violence

  • Combating trafficking in women in the Republic of Belarus, 2003–2005 - a project of the European Union and the United Nations Development Program. NGO BASW has created the Information Database “Belarus Against Trafficking”, describing the activities of more than 400 organizations that provide support to victims of trafficking in 48 countries in Europe and the CIS.
  • Crisis Center for Women, 1996-2002.

Seeking collaboration with

Experts by experience/service users
Other organizations
Policy makers


Empowerment and service user involvement
Human rights
Prevention and promotion
Training, education and capacity building
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Dementia and other neurocognitive disorders
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Families and carers
Older adults
Specialist care