We spotlight displacement caused by conflict/fragility, climate, disaster, and development, as well as human insecurity caused by political, social and urban violence. We highlight psychosocial support through storytelling, culture and the arts.

Summary of relevant work: 

We are a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organisation bringing together people displaced by crises, researchers, practitioners, NGOs, innovators, and creatives to promote information sharing, knowledge exchange, and MHPSS-led solutions for some of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

Between Borders established the World Forced Displacement and Mental Health Day, marked every year in February: www.displacementmentalhealthday.org.

Key partners: 

Our current partners can be found on our Forced Displacement and Mental Health Consortium: www.displacementmhpss.org.

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland