To empower communities on mental health and to develop a strategic intent and direction for mental health, which is inclusive in design and recognizes the potential contribution of all sectors

Summary of relevant work: 

BONMEH has achieved a lot in relation to its mission, through advocating for the recognition of mental health issues and establishing strategic partnerships for a coordinated multi-sectoral response .Hence in the current transition BONMEH is focused on adding a wing for integration and coordination of mental health response amongst civic society These achievements are discussed in terms of advocacy, implementation, integration and Coordination. Advocacy: It has experience in working at the national level as well as grassroots level, mobilizing key affected groups and delivering services in a variety of contexts. The organization always strives to provide a linkage between policy makers, development partners, the private sector and vulnerable communities, as way of advocating for mental health issues. A key role that BONMEH has played over the years is to ensure that communities are empowered to demand and access mental health services and ensure provision meets the needs on the ground. BONMEH has been part of various national technical working groups, task force, national processes of reviewing and repealing of various legislations including the repealing of the Mental Health Disorder Act 1971.There have been a tremendous growth of initiatives supporting mental health response. Implementation: BONMEH has over the years to date offered Mental Health Talks, workplace mental health (developing wellness plans for organisations for both Corporates & government), screening for depression, provision of counselling and Identifying individuals and linking them to relevant care and treatment. BONMEH has a team of experienced individuals very practical, hands-on experience and an intimate Understanding of the multi-sectoral mental health response in Botswana. Working together, we draw upon this experience, grounded upon our understanding of ‘what works well’ and ‘what works less well’ in the creation and nurturing of critical partnerships for addressing mental health challenges. Coordination: BONMEH is transitioning into a responsibility bigger than implementation which includes coordination of mental health response amongst civic society organization. In the Financial Year 2020/2021 BONMEH was accorded an opportunity to coordinate which was a welcome development executed diligently. BONMEH as a leading organization in the industry it has developed technically to give guidance in the industry as well as to be a torch bearer for exploring growth in the Industry .This has been seen through various which we have worked with various stakeholders to integrate mental response in various fields like Gender based violence.



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