BrainFx's mission is to make visible the invisible effects of brain disorders, including mental illness. The organization was founded by occupational therapists who have practiced extensively in the area of neurorehabilitation with adults and children. They were frustrated that existing cognitive tests did not pick up well on milder dysfunction that can cause profound disability and tended not to consider the influence of other factors, such as psychosocial and sensory, on function. In response, they created BrainFx as a platform to combine technology, clinical knowledge, and current research to positively impact children and adults globally.

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We provide a comprehensive, evidence-based neurofunctional assessment delivering real world applicable insights.

By focusing on complex cognitive skills and comprehensively assessing other areas of neurofunction, BrainFx Assessments focus on detecting more subtle or mild to moderate dysfunction. Created with frontline healthcare professionals, neuroscience academics, and individuals with a mission to deliver gold standard assessments, BrainFx Assessments offer a scientific approach to assess brain health, and participants’ ability to function in real life.

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