BULLYID have a mission to distribute equal access for mental health and legal support, improve emotional resilience and reduce mental or physical abuse in society. 

We provide free emotional and legal guidance and support for cyberbullying as well as physical and mental abuse via live chat. We help victims of image based abuse online and help to remove the content. BULLYID also has self screening for intimate partner violence to help people identify their relationship status and prevent domestic violence. 

Summary of relevant work: 
  • 'Cyber security: Protecting Kids Online, 13th August 2020 in partnership with Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)
  • Criminal Defamation and Free Speech in the Digital Age: Perspectives from Indonesia and The United States, August 10, 2020 with American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS) and Faculty of Law University Merdeka Malang
  • Online Criminal Defamation and its Effect on Indonesia’s Democracy, 28 July 2020 with American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS) and PERMAHI DPC Yogyakarta
  • Future City Webinar “Smart Government: Citizen reporting apps”, 27 July 2020 by Smart Change & Jakarta Smart City
  • Bullying behaviour in college students: Challenge, Prevention and Countermeasures”, 27 July 2020 by Merdeka Malang University
  • Webinar Protecting Children from cyberbullying during the COVID-19 pandemic. 7 July 2020 by Ministry Of Women Empowerment And Child Protection, Bureau of Child Abuse and Exploitation Prevention
  • “Cyberbullying on Women: Challenge during the Pandemic and Work From Home policy”, 30 June 2020 by Catholic University of Parahyangan
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