Established in 2008, the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) has its vision of ensuring a healthy future for everyone in Vietnam. There are about 20 full time staff working at CCIHP. Management board members include five medical doctors holding Doctoral and Masters Degrees from reputable international universities with nearly 20 years experience in public health program implementation.

CCIHP has extensive experience in undertaking research that identifies and addresses key issues, such as stigma and discrimination, health policies and services, and social determinants that impact the health and well-being of Vietnamese people, including people with sexual minorities, gender-based violence survivors, people living with disability, children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), families with children with ASD.

Last but not least, CCIHP commits to build the capacity of our partners and advocacy for better well-being of disadvantaged people.

Our mission is to promote equality, diversity and health for all in society. We achieve this through a multi-disciplinary approach of action research, advocacy and intervention. All of our activities are informed by the principles of participation, capacity building, empowerment and social justice.

Summary of relevant work: 

CCIHP has developed innovations to bridge over the disparities between groups and provide solutions for more accessible, affordable and sustainable health care and social support services. These innovations are designed to be evidence-based, right-based, and multi-disciplinary.

Smart care to expand the access to services of children with ASD in Vietnam

Project ‘Smart care to expand the access to services of children with ASD in Vietnam’ aims to improve the accessibility and affordability of assessment and intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders in Vietnam. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada in round three of Global Mental Health scheme, this project has developed web-based applications ( to support health providers and care givers of young children to do screening for developmental delay and ASD. The applications support parents of children with ASD to do home-based intervention for their children.

This project also pilots the model of integrating screening in health check-ups for children at community level. Project team has been collecting data from the web platform to collect data to monitor and evaluate the effective of the model. In addition to Smart care project, CCIHP has carried out a six-year project to integrate gender-based violence prevention in health settings and community and support gender-based violence survivors. CCIHP provided referrals, counseling, group therapies for the survivors. Since the last year, CCIHP has been involved in an operations research on mental health support for mothers at postpartum period. 

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Smart care to expand the access to services of children with ASD in Vietnam

An integrated and scalable package based on web-based and mobile platforms to support children with autism spectrum disorder
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