• Reduce prejudice and misunderstanding regarding mental disability
  • Render support in communities through a range of psychosocial services
  • Advocate to improve mental health care services
Summary of relevant work: 

Central Gauteng Mental Health Society (CGMHS) provides social and statutory work services for children and adults with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. This is done by utilising various methodologies that include but are not limited to:

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Stimulation for children with intellectual disability
  • Community residential and group home services
  • Protective and legal support for children and adults with intellectual disability in abusive  and violent situations
  • Residential facilities for people and/or children living with severe intellectual and/or physical disability
  • Community awareness projects aimed at reducing the high levels of stigma and discrimination against this marginalised group of society
  • Sheltered employment for persons with intellectual disability
  • Advocacy programs that empower persons affected by these disabilities to ultimately be instrumental in improving their own lives and that of others through voicing their needs and exposing human rights abuses
Key partners: 
  • Department of Health (including psychiatric clinics and hospitals)
  • Department of Social Development
  • Mental health NGOs
  • Legal aid organizations
  • Mental Health Care users and families
  • Direct communities
  • Corporate sector partners
Government subsidies:
  • Department of Health (subsidy towards residential and attendance of service users)
  • Department of Social Development (subsidy towards social and social auxiliary work posts)
  • National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund
  • Telkom Foundation
  • Anglo American Chairman’s Fund
  • Multi Agency Grants Initiatives
  • Department Arts and Culture
  • National Arts Council